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If you have an idea for a guest blog or another form of link exchange like you can see on in order to strengthen each others "domain authority", I'm always ear to building new potential collaborations.

I also have an affiliate program where you can earn commission for bringing in new customers. This is fully automated.

You are welcome to write to me at info[at]citationstyler[dot]com.

Guest articles

I am happy to receive guest contributions from experts who would like to share their knowledge and experience on topics related to citation styles, academic writing, studying and academic publications with my community on my Blog. And at the same time I can also offer a guest contribution on the topic of Zotero and citation styles for your readership.

Benefits for both

Reach a broad audience of academic researchers, students and other interested parties.
Increasing our visibility and establishing ourselves as experts in our respective fields.
Exchanging valuable backlinks to our respective websites to increase domain authority and SEO.

Affiliate Partner Program

Become an affiliate of and earn money

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Deine Community und Leserschaft ist benötigt einen bestimment Zitierstil einer Uni und du hast Kontakt zu dieser Community?

Für ausgewählte Partners biete ich auch die Möglichkeit an, Partner zu werden, wodurch du eine Kommission von 10% für jeden geworben Neukunden verdienen kannst. partner programme
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